Friday, November 5, 2010

Women work to give back to Appalachia [Conner]

By Kaity Conner

This story is a look at the efforts OU students are making to end “generational poverty, abuse, and dysfunction through [the] empowerment” of Appalachia’s young women. Brit Wolverton, Shea Daniels, Shannon Moore and others like them mentor middle school girls in low-income communities in Athens County to help prepare them for high school and improve their chances of acceptance into a university. Interviews are scheduled with Brit and Shea for next week and I will be attending the FWA meeting and activities for the week. Almost all of the b-roll will be replaced with actual footage of the girls at work and higher quality video of the campus. Audio and video of the interviews with Brit and Shea will be added, as well as their motivations in creating the organization and their hopes for it's impact on Appalachia's young women in the future.

And the link to my video:

YouTube seems to be having issues because both Kate and I had clear video on FinalCut, but pixellated videos online.

Peter: I would really like to have a discussion with you on Skype at some point this weekend. By the time everyone else was done talking with you in class, I didn't figure I would have time to both upload the video and really get into the details of my story (my YouTube account is especially finnicky).

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